The Chrysler 300's Many Exterior Features

In the full-size luxury sedan class, Chrysler has a history of offering drivers superior automobiles. Its popular 300 seeks to maintain that tradition with a comfortable interior, sleek exterior, updated technology options and improved road performance for an excellent driving experience.

Customize your vehicle by choosing wheel options that reflect your personal taste and driving expectations. There are hubcap design options to choose from and a selection of wheel sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches for a wider tire and improved driving. Further customize your car by upgrading to the 300S model for added fog lamps, running lights, body paint-matched fascia and a body-matched rear spoiler.

The 300's stylish headlights have substance behind their visual appeal. They can constantly monitor the road ahead and adjust the angle of projected light to match the contours of the road. Whether you are going up and down hills or turning corners, the 300 will keep the road ahead illuminated perfectly.



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