Tow Heavy Cargo Safety While Driving a Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a practical vehicle for towing routines because it can pull equipment that weighs up to 8,700 pounds. On traditional roads, safety levels don't drop, as this Dodge vehicle has solid braking hardware, convenient stability components, and other towing solutions.

While driving the Dodge Durango with a trailer on heavily populated highways, you'll never have to worry about sway problems. The trailer sway control system that's included with the Durango simplifies towing routines that involve long trailers by strategically operating key wheel components. If a trailer begins to sway, this system can apply pressure to the brakes that manage specific wheels, and this process eliminates swaying and optimizes stability during towing situations.

Besides this tool, the Dodge Durango also has a frame that provides equal weight distribution. If you want to test drive this automobile in order to experience how weight affects engine and transmission performance on the road, visit Straub Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We offer test drives to people in Glen Dale, WV and surrounding areas.

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