Ram ProMaster has Surprising Capabilities

The new Ram ProMaster is a capable and sturdy cargo vehicle. The new ProMaster provides drivers with a number of features that can surprise and satisfy. Among these features are specialized loading capabilities as well as stable suspension systems.

The Ram ProMaster provides surprising amounts of interior room that can handle all sorts of cargo. Not only that, but this vehicle also includes special wide bay doors that can accommodate freight from forklifts and other forms of machinery. This feature can come in handy when ProMaster drivers need to load and unload freight quickly.

Supporting this roomy interior is a stable suspension system anchored by a specialized Class – Exclusive front-wheel-drive service. Front-wheel-drive transmissions tend to provide better traction across a variety of road conditions.

The sturdy front wheel drive system and powerful motor allow the new ProMaster to tow up to 5,100 pounds on trailers or other towing equipment. This feature allows ProMaster drivers to attain much higher levels of productivity.



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