New Dodge Durango is Anything but Boring

The Dodge Durango is a powerful, roomy, and iconic full-size SUV. The new Durango comes in several available packages that include Towing, Anodized Platinum, and even Black Top. Even though this vehicle provides a variety of external features and accessories, it's also equips drivers and occupants with many other useful internal accoutrements. These include specialized dual screen entertainment systems for passengers as well as easy to see driver information systems.

The Dodge SUV includes a specialized Blu-ray entertainment service. Mounted on dual screens that are placed behind the front seat headrests, this entertainment system allows passengers to watch their favorite Blu-ray discs in comfort and convenience. In addition, these screens can handle HDMI connections.

In addition to visual entertainment for passengers, the new Dodge Durango provides drivers with enhanced visual information systems. This feature is anchored by a 7–inch wide digital information cluster area. Here, drivers can access fuel, warning, and even audio related information quickly and easily.



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